Most of the people struggle to hold their breath for 2 minutes. Most of this struggle come from the fear of the unknown. Fear of running out of oxygen, fear of discomfort, or just fear of anything that might happen. When you remove fear and replace it with trust, anything is possible.

Wave - depth courses Molchanovs

Because the depth part must really relate to depth, it is not possible to do Wave courses in any of Czech pools. Already in the basic Wave 1 course, a minimum depth of 12 m is required for successful completion. But most of all, we want to give you the opportunity to always freedive to the maximum depth of the given course. Up to 20 m in Wave 1, 30 m in Wave 2 and 40 m in Wave 3.

Lap - Pool courses Molchanovs

Molchanovs courses consist of three parts. Theoretical, pool (Lap) and deep (Wave). The unique is that even without access to depths, you can take all the courses first at the pool level. Lap courses are a theoretical and pool part of the Wave course, but do not include a practical session in open water. You will receive Lap certifications, access to the Molchanovs community and training at a given level. You can get Wave certification in one of our in-depth events.

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