Wave 1

Introduction to freediving

The Molchanovs Wave 1 in-depth course can be completed either all at once or divided into the Lap 1 pool part and the Wave 1 deep part. Why is this advantageous for you? Because you have a choice of what form you will take in the course! If you have already obtained the Lap 1 certification, you have received access to Molchanovs workout of the week program for pool disciplines and our club pool training sessions and in the deep part you can only train freediving techniques that will allow you comfortable freediving to a depth of up to 20m.


Age at least 18 years (16 with the consent of the legal representative)
Completed medical form, or confirmation from a doctor, liability form
Passing the swimming test at 200m


Course materials online available for each registered student on his Molchanovs profile (Dashboard).
Get ready online: You can start getting ready right after registration. Study the entire online manual, watch all the videos in the online course and finally you can take the online knowledge test.
T certification: Of course, we will go through the whole theory together, either in the classroom during the course or online. Why should you want to take a theory online? Because you can get T1 certification and access to dry Molchanovs Base Training before the course starts!!


Physics: Boyle's and Archimedes' laws and their applications in water.
Physiology: Oxygen and carbon dioxide, effects of breath holding, short-term and long-term adaptations
Breathing and relaxation: Basics of breathing and relaxation, body scan, hyperventilation
Equalization: Anatomy, theory and concept, equalization techniques, tips and exercises
Freediving techniques: effective movement with fins, introduction of technique without fins
Mental techniques: Visualization technique
Potential trauma: Hypoxia-related trauma, barotrauma
Safety and rescue: Key safety measures, buddy system, rescue procedures
Base training: Importance of training, introduction of Molchanovs Movement and weekly training cycle, Molchanovs benchmarks and badges

Pool session

Relaxation: Application of breathing and mental techniques in the water
STA: Static breath holding on the surface, including proper buddying and rescue
DYNB: Proper weighing, body and head position, effective technique, turn, duck dive, buddying, rescue
DNF: Introduction to technique without fins, weighing, arm stroke, kick, synchronization
Base training: A demonstration of Molchanovs base training, which you will gain access to after completing the course

Depth session

Relaxation: Application of breathingand mental technique in the water
FIM: Introduction to Free immersion technique, body position, movement efficiency
CWTB: Introduction to finning technique, correct weighing, orientation along the line, body and head position, effective  technique, duck dive, turn, buddying, rescue

To get Wave 1 certification, you need:

Take the course in full length
Succeed in the test of theoretical knowledge
Swim underwater safely and comfortably a distance of min. 30m with fins
Hold your breath in the water for at least 1 and half minutes
Be able to rescue a freediver and be able to freedive safely in a team
FIM: Comfortable and repeated freedives 12 - 20 meters
CWTB: Comfortable and repeated freedives 12 - 20 meters
Buddying: 6 - 10 meters (safe freediving in a group)
Rescue: 6 - 10 meters

If you do not finish any part of the course, you can join our regular trainings or in-depth events, continue to work on yourself and complete the course in peace. You have 1 year to complete.


In the FaQ section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions
For further questions and consultations, write or call
Email: apnoe.space@gmail.com
Telephone number: +420 731 009 599

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