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"Freediving is about emotions, about moments when you are just with yourself, in a state of weightlessness and moving in a three dimensional space. And all on one breath. Just your mind and your body. It's hard to describe, but it is the most intense feeling I know. When you know what's going on in your body, you know how to control your mind, and you feel how your body responds and works, that is really life in the true sense of the word."


Molchanovs Wave 3 instructor trainer
SSI Platinum Level 3 Instructor, Monofin and No Fins Instructor, Freediving Instructor Specialist
Almost 500 certifications handed out at all levels
Depth world championship safety diver

Since 2013, he has worked as an instructor, coach and manager for Freedive International at their centers Blue immersion in Thailand and Freedive Dahab. Now he works as a freediving guide in an Arctic-freediving expedition in Norway and is an instructor at Apnoe.space.

"I had the opportunity to work for amazing freedivers and trainers for several years such as Linda Paganelli, Lotta Ericson or Florian Dagoury. We lived on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand for 5 years and then for some time in Dahab. Being constantly surrounded by instructors and students from all over the world is priceless. You learn something new every day. I spent a lot of time underwater with elite freedivers and about 700 people went through my courses and training programs. Some of them are super instructors working all over the world, or real athletes diving to a depth of 80, 90 and more meters.

In 2017, our friend, photographer and filmmaker Jacques de Vos offered us to work on his Arctic-freediving project. These are expeditions on two yachts in fjords of Norway and freediving with orcas and humpback whales. A dream that I hope will last for a long time. But the season in Norway is not long, it is from the end of October to the middle of January and I have so much time here at home. And because I don't want to be without the water and without freediving, I decided to create something new here at home. A place where people will want to train several times per week, enjoy the time underwater, learn something new and push their limits.

We don't want to run just courses that you complete and it ends up here. I want freedivers to have the desire and motivation to continue and discover their abilities and what it is like to be under the water on one breath. We offer a sophisticated training program for freedivers of all levels. For complete beginners, or for freedivers, who already have some experience, but want to keep training. And most importantly, having fun and enjoying the time under the water. "

Thajsko 2012 - 2017

Arctic-freediving 2017 - současnost

Dahab 2018 - 2019

Apnoe.space 2020 - současnost

AIDA MS Limassol 2021

FCG Kalamata 2022 - současnost


The Molchanovs education and training system brings something new and completely unique to the world of freediving. In addition to courses of all levels, which can be divided into pool and in-depth, it also provides a follow-up training program for freedivers of all levels. A platform that provides access to the latest education, training program, workout, or challenges. The system is very sophisticated and combines experience with the latest developments in the world of freediving, technology and scientific research. The founders are Natalia and Alexey Molchanov. Natalia is the most decorated freediver in history. During her career, she set 41 world records and won 23 gold medals at world championships. Her son Alexey is a multiple world champion and holder of many world records, who is constantly pushing human limits. No one on the planet is diving deeper than he.

Molchanovs Movement Community

Freediving is a lifestyle. Freediver improves with constant training and training requires community. That's why Molchanovs created the first global freediving program, allowing local communities to train like the world's best freedivers. Every week bring elite freedivers such as Alexey Molchanov, Goran Čolak or Adam Stern - WOW - Workout Of the Week, freediving training plan for all levels of freedivers. The program has always several chapters and gradually develops in a twelve-week cycle. Training plan for freediving in the pool and in depths, breathing techniques, mental preparation, development of flexibility and strength, or exercises leading to the improvement of pressure equalization techniques. That and much more. Every week. Join us and become part of something deeper. Become a member of Molchanovs club.

Molchanovs courses

All Molchanovs courses consist of three parts. The theoretical part (T), the pool part (Lap) and the depth part (Wave). You have 2 options to complete the course. Either complete Wave, or Lap and Wave separately. The possibility to divide the course brings us many benefits here in the Czech Republic. You can finish the complete theory of the whole course and the practical pool sessions. You will receive Molchanovs Lap certification and access to the Molchanovs community and training. Then you have few options what to do next. You can join our regular training and continue to improve yourself, you can complete a depth sessions and upgrade Lap to Wave, or you can continue with another Lap course. This way you can take all courses at the pool level first and add a depth part later.

Course registration is one. This means that there is no registration or additional certification fee for the Wave upgrade. After registering for the course, you will get access to online materials written by the world's best freedivers. I translated this into Czech language and it is now available online for everyone. You could start preparing for your course before get wet.

We complete the theoretical and pool part in our pool in Trutnov. The depth is waiting for you at some of our depth events. We want you to always have the opportunity to freedive to the maximum limit of the given level, which is 20, 30 and 40m. Completing a course without access to sufficient depth is not the path we want to go. Only with the right training at the given depths you become a competent and safe freediver.

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