Lap 3


Everyone older than age of 16 has access to the course. The participant must be Molchanovs Lap 2 or Wave 2 certified, or be certified by another system at a given level. As this is a course where a substantial part is focused on freediving to great depths, we recommend having a deep part planned in a reasonable time together with the pool part.

The theoretical part

If you are not yet a Molchanovs freediver, you will receive an email with registration details. On the profile (dashboard) you will find a manual for the entire course Molchanovs Lap / Wave 3. You can start study before we start. This will make it easier for you to complete the course.

As in any previous course, we will take the technique of relaxation to a new level and teach you how to work on the technique of deconcentration of attention, which is a completely different mental approach. We will thoroughly discuss all aspects of coaching during static apnea. Packing, reverse packing, flexibility training and knowing when and how to use these techniques (and when not!) will help you expand your limits in a safe way. As a really advanced freediver, you will also be able to create an effective training program.

Because you will start freediving to depths below the residual lung capacity (RV), it is necessary to prepare well for this. Of course, the technique of pressure equalization is key, so it will be the mouthfill (Frenzel-Fattah), a technique that allows you to reach great depths in an effective and safe way, and lots of exercises to practise the technique. We will introduce you to FRC dives, where we freedive with a smaller volume of air in the lungs and thus simulate the depth. We will discuss in detail possible pressure problems such as lung squeeze, DCS or narcosis and how to prevent them if possible.

Lap / Wave 3 is a semi-professional certification that will allow you to work as an assistant instructor and equip you with the appropriate level of knowledge and skills. It is also the last step to enter the Molchanovs instructor course if your goal is to practice freediving professionally. 

Lap Pool section

Technique. As a Lap 3 freediver, you should already be able to demonstrate the right technique in all disciplines. DNF, DYNB and DYN. We will therefore pay attention to every detail, including the use of new mental skills. We will focus on static and coaching. You will try new training methods that will help you move forward in all disciplines.

To register for the course:

Age at least 16 years (with the written permission of the parent or legal guardian)
Completed medical form, or confirmation from a doctor
Lap 2 or Wave 2 certification
Certification of another system at a given level (When holding certification of another system to prove your knowledge and skills)
Valid first aid certification (not older than 2 years)

To finish Lap 3 course:

Take the whole course 
Successfully pass the exam

Demonstrate advanced technique in all disciplines
STA 3 min 30 sec
DYNB 75m (distance with fins)
DNF 50m (distance without fins)

If you won't be able to finish any part of the course, you can join our trainings, keep practising and complete the course later. You have 1 year to finish it.

Wave 3

As a Lap 3 freediver, you can upgrade to Wave 3 at any of our in-depth events. For details, see the Wave 3 Depth section course description.


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